What is Headlings Arena?

Join the battle, get into the arena. Lava against ice. Eight warriors. Two gods seeking supremacy. Only one winner.
Epic battles filled of action. Lead your team to victory with your strategies.

Compete against your friends and people from all around the world, customize your warrior, choose your weapon and conquest the arena. A camp battle between two elements, beat the clock and your rivals.

Customize your Headling

Wanna be a horse? A penguin? Maybe Frankenstein's monster? Perhaps and ice cream cone? Customize your Headling, show who you are in your warrior. Besides, you can customize your own weapon, have you ever used a tactical cat?

Three one-minute rounds. Four vs four. Cover most of the arena with your element and achieve victory. Dynamic, fast and extremely fun.

Last man standing
Once you beat your rivals, fight your own team and become the MVP of the match, probe you're the best Headling of all.

KaraOkulta joined forces with Larva Studios to create Headlings Arena, Starting from Battle Royale and .io games concepts that transformed into this unique game. A camp battle between two elements with beautiful art and a fast-paced gameplay.